Welcome to VidPrep

Documentation for using the VidPrep API.

Create a community focused on video commentary where members share knowledge and support each other towards achieving specific goals. Find out how to upload videos, create and save drawings, comments and discussion threads. The VidPrep API makes it easy.

Getting Started

How to get started with using VidPrep. Find out how to authenticate your requests and do things like retrieve information about your videos.

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Video Management

How to upload videos for saving and manage the related drawings and comments. Delete videos and items when no longer needed or to free up storage.

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Video Embedding

Have greater control over customizing your pages by embedding videos and positioning them alongside user comments and drawings. Create discussions on your pages and generate more interaction.

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The ability to draw on top of videos gives VidPrep users an edge when teaching or learning from others. Find out how to create and save these drawings using canvases.

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Comments API

User comments can be added along time points in videos. Learn how to save, create and link comments to videos.

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